Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Y Care charity trust continues its agenda with more and exciting activities for 2015! A compassionate Board of Trustees, Support team, Y Care Coordinator in partnership with all of you walkers, sponsors and supporters will make 2015 a successful year for the benefit of charities around Botswana.

2015 is the year that we also sadly say goodbye to our first and only long serving Coordinator Stellan Bengtsson.
Stellan has been involved with Y Care for 10 years, first as a walker on the Tsodilo Hills walk in 2005. In 2006, he volunteered his services to be part of Y Care organizing committee, which led to him being the first coordinator of Y Care. Stellan never looked back, as he has the drive and complete passion to help those less fortunate. Stellan and his family will be relocating to his home country, Sweden.

During the 10 years that Stellan served as a volunteer at Y Care, he has contributed a lot in the growth of the organization through his energetic drive and commitment. He has always displayed sound coordination, negotiation, follow up and presentation skills which immensely benefitted Y Care and made sure that the message goes through.

He has shown commitment to our Y Care objectives, to other volunteers (Support Team), sponsors, walkers and suppliers. His family too has been very supportive to him and Y Care, by allowing him to spend time coordinating, and spending sleepless nights just to ensure the logistics of the walks run smoothly.

Y Care Board of Trustees and the Support Team would like to extend our whole hearted appreciation of the work and commitment Stellan has shown over the years. We will miss Stellan’s jokes and energetic drive. Remember the wake up calls he made at 4.30am at the walks with: “Walkers, time to wake up, breakfast is ready!”.

Let me also take this opportunity to introduce to you the incumbent Y Care Coordinator Mr Sarona Moabi. For continuity, he will take over the Coordinator portfolio from the 24 February 2015 although he is already in the Y Care office to ensure a smooth transition. Sarona has been with Y Care since 2006. He joined and graduated from the Y Care’s Youth Leadership Programme. He has shown good leadership skills and commitment in everything he does.

In 2007/2008, Sarona intensified his volunteerism and committed himself to the Y Care Support Team, which saw him taking on leadership roles within the Support Team structure. I therefore, take this opportunity to welcome Sarona to the management of Y Care and kindly urge everyone to do so with open minds.

All the contact details will remain the same; email address, office etc. including the cell phone number 71784212 which Sarona will take over on the 24 February. It is business as usual. We are looking forward to your continued support! Y Care will continue to grow with your support.


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