Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Y Care’s charity work is based on sponsors and their contributions. The main source of sponsorship comes from the walker’s participation fee.Second to that is the in-kind sponsorship. In-kind sponsorship is very important; the more in-kind sponsorship we get, the more of the raised funds from the walks can go towards the beneficiaries.

Y Care Chairman’s Challenge

The main sponsors from where most of the funds are coming are all the walkers (individuals and the corporate) and their payments of  participating fees. Through their participation fees, Y Care is raising the majority of the funds to the Beneficiaries. Without all our in-kind sponsors, we could not make the walks. Their sponsorship in form of fuel, food, transport, printing etc. enables us  to  allocate a larger amount to the Beneficiaries. Thank You All Walkers & Sponsors!


You can support with:

Fuel, vehicles, bus transport, trailers, food (meat, groceries, bread, etc.), energy drinks, camping equipment, printing, stationeries, marketing, promotional material, adverts, articles.

The more in-kind donations we get, the more funds can go towards the beneficiaries!

Interested? Please contact us now.

Donations in Cash

You can support with:

Make a Difference – Make a Donation!
You can support by making a donation to Y Care’s charity work through a bank transfer or a cash/cheque deposit. Please contact us for banking details.